KlokArt, charitable project run by Fond Ohrozenych Deti (FOD), loosely translated as Fund for Vulnerable Children, donates all of its’ proceeds to help vulnerable children in Klokánek.

Famous personalities, as well as members of the public, create original designs that are later reproduced on clothing, fashion accessories or household goods to help children in need. All of those involved in the Klokart project (designers, graphic artists, printing services and all other volunteers) provide their services free of charge/without any royalties or give up profit margins, in a case of a business to deliver their goods at purchase prices. This is in order to maximise the funds raised., Thus, up to 70% from the purchase price on all Klokart products goes directly to the FOD -Klokánek. Because all services are provided free of charge, things do not always work as smoothly as we would envisage. Therefore, please forgive us any minor shortcomings and, in the best case, help us to eliminate them. During the 5 years of its existence, KlokArt brought Klokanek more than 1 million Czech crowns and more than 15 collections were created.


The Endangered Children Fund currently operates 15 facilities for children requiring immediate assistance throughout the Czech Republic. In its 20 years of existence, Kangaroos have helped more than 9,000 children and currently care for over 200 children. Kangaroos are financed from the state budget, but due to the fact that the state contribution is provided in half compared to institutional care facilities (eg children’s homes, educational institutions) and its amount remains unchanged since 2013, Kangaroos lack 30% of funding for current operating costs. Without kindness and public support, Kangaroos could not function. With your contribution, you will help to ensure the operation of these facilities and satisfy the basic needs of children such as eyeglasses or diapers, but the money raised will also allow children to provide extracurricular activities, trips or psychologist care, and more easily cope with the trauma. Few adults can only imagine what the children coming to Klokánek have already experienced.