Our Klokanek

Klokanek is a facility established by the charitable association Fund for Vulnerable Children for abused, neglected, abandoned or other socially disadvantaged children. It is a family alternative to the system of institutional care, in which the goal is to achieve the most similar environment as it is in a traditional family. It provides care for a maximum of 4 children, which, unlike other facilities, are looked after for the whole week by one carer often referred as “aunt”. This has a very positive effect on the feeling of safety and security of each child and it allows an individual approach. Together with “their aunt”, they live in a housing unit equipped in the same way as a standard household. Children are led to take responsibility, have duties and generally participate in the running of the household, thanks to which they subsequently have a higher chance of participating in normal life.

The Fund for Vulnderable Children currently operates 14 facilities (Klokanek) for children requiring immediate assistance throughout the Czech Republic. In its 20 years of existence, Klokanek have helped more than 9,000 children and currently care for over 200 children. Klokanek is subsidised by the state, but due to the fact that the state contribution to Klokanek is only half of an amount that it provides institutional care facilities (eg children’s homes, educational institutions) and amount of the subsidy has not changed since 2013, Klokanek lacks 30% of funding for current operating costs. Without the kindness and support of the public, Klokanek could not function. With your contribution, you will help to ensure the operation of these facilities and satisfy the basic needs of children, such as eyeglasses or diapers, but the money raised will also allow children to provide extracurricular activities, trips or psychologist care, making it easier to cope with traumas. Few adults can only imagine what the children coming to Klokánek have already experienced. The stories are sad, often shocking, and their brutality sometimes surpasses even American films.

Klokánek Brno

Our Klokánek was founded in December 2006. We currently take care of 28 children, 500 children have passed through the Brno Klokánek for its entire duration. There are now a total of 7 flats in our Klokánek. A maximum of 4 children live in each of them together with their carer (aunt).

Klokánek Chomutov

The first two flats of Klokánek in Chomutov were opened on 11. December, 2006. We currently take care of 20 children in 5 flats. Between December 2006 and the end of last year, 250 children passed through Klokánek.