Náš tým klokart

Ivana Valkusová

Project Manager, ivana.valkusova@fod.cz, +420 774 582 238

Ivana came up with the idea of creating the KlokArt project, in which she combines her interest in the current generation of Czech artists and celebrities with the interest of securing a permanent financial income for Klokánky. She has been following, with enthusiasms, the activities of the Fund for Vulnerable Children since her studies (area of social work and teaching) and since the summer 2015, she had spontaneously decided to work as a volunteer. She is currently on maternity leave with her daughter Agnes. In the KlokArt project, Ivana handles strategic planning, the overall coordination of the project, including the financial management. In 2019, she was also elected a member of the Control Commission of the Fund for Vulnerable Children.