Náš tým klokart

Markéta Zmeškalová

zmeskalovamarketa@gmail.com, +420 739 067 639

What led Markéta to join the KlokArt project is not only, what we can call “fateful” meeting with Ivana but also the area of her original profession which something that we can call a mission (she studied health care at high school and university). Markéta also has close affinity to help abandoned children and Klokanek because she is a mum to an amazing son and thus realises much more what it must be like for children to live without love. Her gained experience in communication, organisation and project management, is now very vast and Markéta uses primarily in communication with the designers and in subsequent production of individual collections. “The combination of art and kindness is natural for me, because both are expression of an emotion that can bring joy,” says Markéta.