Ivana Valkusová

Project Manager, ivana.valkusova@fod.cz, +420 774 582 238

Ivana came up with the idea of creating the KlokArt project, in which she combines her interest in the current generation of Czech artists and celebrities with the interest of securing a permanent financial income for Klokánky. She has been following, with enthusiasms, the activities of the Fund for Vulnerable Children since her studies (area of social work and teaching) and since the summer 2015, she had spontaneously decided to work as a volunteer. She is currently on maternity leave with her daughter Agnes. In the KlokArt project, Ivana handles strategic planning, the overall coordination of the project, including the financial management. In 2019, she was also elected a member of the Control Commission of the Fund for Vulnerable Children.

Nikola Baumrukrová

baumrukrova@bespoke-media.cz, +420 775 584 611

Nikola brought a lot of ideas and youthful energy to the project and became an absolutely indispensable reinforcement of the team. Her main activity is the administration of the Klokart website, communication with influencers to support the collections, but also, for example, the handling of orders. She says: “The KlokArt project makes sense to me mainly because it makes me happy at least twice. It is nice to buy a nice thing, but when I know that the money gained goes to a something meaningful, the purchase takes on a different value. I believe that what we give and radiate then returns to us. Whether it’s fifty crowns a month or a favour to those who need it.” Thanks to studying marketing and currently working in a marketing agency, the project helps to move forward not only with its great ideas, but also through hard work.

Dominika Baborská


Dominika’s arrival in the project has changed a lot. Her many years of experience in marketing not only kicked Klokart up, but also made it a more mature project with a well-thought-out marketing concept. With passion, she also helped to complete the good ideas, for which others had no energy left. Thanks to her contacts and experience, we became more visible and heard. Dominika not only has the marketing strategy of the entire project under her thumb, but she has also begun to help with communication with the Fund for Vulnerable Children with zeal. She is the owner of a media agency and the mother of two amazing boys.

Markéta Zmeškalová

zmeskalovamarketa@gmail.com, +420 739 067 639

What led Markéta to join the KlokArt project is not only, what we can call “fateful” meeting with Ivana but also the area of her original profession which something that we can call a mission (she studied health care at high school and university). Markéta also has close affinity to help abandoned children and Klokanek because she is a mum to an amazing son and thus realises much more what it must be like for children to live without love. Her gained experience in communication, organisation and project management, is now very vast and Markéta uses primarily in communication with the designers and in subsequent production of individual collections. “The combination of art and kindness is natural for me, because both are expression of an emotion that can bring joy,” says Markéta.